Fiber Arts and Sewing

My mother and grandmothers all sewed so I grew up seeing the craft as a part of everyday live… if you needed something fixed or wanted a new dress, you made. I began sewing myself at around 10-years-old and quickly joined a 4-H Sewing group where, under the tutelage of Joanne Powell, I began honing my skills.


I have enjoyed creating my own clothing and costumes for decades. As my mixed media artwork progresses I am figuring out new and exciting ways to incorporate my sewing and other fiber crafts.


Self-taught in crochet, knitting, hand embroidery, cross-stitch, and needle felting, I am enamored with the fact that though these are all practical skills, they are also means to bring beauty and joy into every day life. I am also dreaming up ways I can include these fiber arts in my mixed media art.


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