My Art

I love the experimental factors of working in mixed media and am thrilled the challenges it presents. Most of my work includes elements of sculpture and/or assemblage. One of my biggest passions is light and what it can add to the worlds I create. I taught myself to wire LED circuits and the desire to somehow work pretty lights into everything I do is close to an obsession.


I enjoy working flat as well. Illustrations, paintings and mail art all bring me great joy and I often find these works morph into larger mixed media projects. I have been running a mail art group for several years, and belong to several art groups engaging in occasional art swaps. I thrive on the way creating art in this way as it forces me out of my box and inspires new and exciting ideas.


My love of fiber and sewing has been steadily creeping into my mixed media work as of late, and there are some cool things in the works here at my studio as a result. I can’t wait to begin sharing them here!

You will find galleries for each medium/technique I work in on this site. If you see anything you are interested in or have any questions please feel free to contact me!



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