About Katie Cahill

Katie Cahill is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who resides in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her fantastically Muppet like husband of nearly ten years, and the beatifically angst wrapped enigma that is her teenage son. They share their home with an incredibly zany Cockapoo known as Mr. Doo-dah-day, and pretty little kitty who goes by Miss Calamity Jane.

Mrs. Cahill’s personally generated art is primarily works of mixed media sculpture, collage, and assemblage done on canvas and in shadow boxes. She has many artistic interests and is always more than willing to perform bold and sometimes nearly sadistic experimentation in her artwork and can usually accept failure as lessons learned.

As is the case with most creative people, Katie has enough hobbies and interests to keep a dozen people busy for a lifetime. In addition to the art and writing you will find here she is also an avid seamstress; an advanced beginner at crochet, an actual beginner at knitting, and enjoys the often torturous but exciting pastime of Origami. Katie’s other loves include reading, writing, music of all kinds, Doctor Who and other science fiction, reading comic books, camping, gardening, home decorating, and spending time with her family and friends.


6 thoughts on “About Katie Cahill”

  1. Hi Katie, looks like I just tripped over your work-in-progress site. I like your little self-reminder entries. Thanks for the the giggle 🙂


  2. LOL! Yes, you did catch my work in progress! Apparently WP doesn’t show the categories on your page unless there are posts in said categories. I wanted to see what my page looked like with all of them listed so I made those silly little posts. I hope you come back when I have this finished!

  3. Absolutely! I’m interested to see how it’ll turn out, so I’ll scoot back in in a couple of weeks.

  4. Hi Katie my name is Sarah from Canada… Love your mixed media work! Just a quick question…. Do you make all tho’s little bits and pieces your self on the mix mideas? itty bitty lanterns? and the combs and scissors etx?or do you buy them and put them in the art?:))

  5. Hello there, Sarah from Canada! Thank you for stopping by and I am so glad you like my art! In answer to your question: I make some of them and some of the bits are found object I have altered or little toys and things I have purchased cheap and squirreled away. I use epoxy resin clay to sculpt a lot of things (such as the barber pole in Barbershop Solo and almost all of the skulls in my work); I use a lot of balsa wood to assemble furniture or carve small items, and I often include origami items that I have folded in my work. I try to make as much as I can but the lanterns and scissors you mentioned are items that I purchased from a store called Tiny Things Are Cute. Thank you for your interest in my blog and my art! I hope you visit again soon!

  6. Thank you so much Katie for the quick replay. :)) I think your art is just great! Keep on keeping!! I’m looking foreword to seeing a lot more of your work.

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