A Few Changes for 2016 and Beyond

I knew it had been a while since I posted anything new here, I guess I didn’t realize it had been an entire year though. I have been going through some stuff as an artist and creative person in general over the last few years but these struggles really compounded for me in 2015. I think they go a bit beyond the usual self-doubt and challenges we all face as artists. Although I have been creating art and crafts, I haven’t felt able to focus on what I would call “art of substance”. It’s all there in my head, but it seems to be stuck there. I think of all the things I want to do and even get excited about projects, but then something just stops me from following through.

I believe part of this is related to some health issues I have had in the last year… I am well, I just had some health problems come up and I am working with my doctor to get them in check. I feel positive about my odds/ability to get these things under control but the fact that they are happening has been a rather large kick in the confidence that has reverberated through every part of my life. More than the health stuff, or maybe even partly due to the health stuff, I have found myself feeling increasingly overwhelmed with things in my world. I had to just let some things go in 2015 and this blog apparently turned out to be one of those things.

Hmmm… I don’t think that last statement is entirely true. I haven’t let this blog go at all; it is more like I have been hiding from it. I feel guilty for not keeping it up because as a perfectionist I place a lot of pressure on myself to accomplish all the things I think I should be able to accomplish. It is a counterproductive and ridiculous cycle. Rather than begin 2016 beating myself up and hiding from the things I want to be able to do, I have decided that I need to change the way I use this blog to better suit the reality of my life.

As many of you know, I am the producer, host, writer, editor, and researcher for my podcast Two Artsy Gals. This takes up most of the time that I once used for writing here. I have also found that in writing the blog for the show each week, I am doing a lot of what I was doing over there for Two Artsy Gals now. It feels redundant to do process articles and tutorials in both places. Although what I do for the Two Artsy Gals blog is a little different in that we are often learning about new processes together, I actually think it is more beneficial to my readers than coming here to read how I do my more personal artwork. Also, I have always had bit of internal conflict about sharing what I am doing in such detail about the work that I hope to sell. So from now on I will no longer be writing process pieces here. If you would still like to learn about techniques and different arts & crafts I highly recommend you follow the Two Artsy Gal’s blog (if you don’t already). Even if you don’t listen to podcasts on your iPod or phone, you can still listen through the blog as I post a link to each episode so you can.

Another thing that has been making this blog a little more overwhelming is feeling like I have to write and post about every single thing I create. I am an artist but sewing; hand embroidery, felting, crochet, and knitting are my hobbies. I love doing them but writing about them as if it is my job sucks the joy right out of them and I have made myself feel like this is what I need to do. Yes, these hobbies often combine into art pieces when I am feeling exceptionally fibery and I will still be posting those pieces, but I will no longer be posting every time I make myself a new dress or crochet a hat. I do post about those things regularly on Instagram though! If you don’t mind pictures of my dog and cat along with all the art and crafty fun stuff I post, please feel free to follow me on Instagram!

I have made a few changes here and will continue to play around with the way this blog looks and how my readers can interact with it. I got rid of all my old opinion pieces because I no longer feel they are relevant to this blog, or in some cases to who I am as a person now (I do have a personal blog where I write about heavier and more important things; check it out of you would like to but know that it gets a little dark and serious at times). I archived many of my older works. These posts can still be viewed but you will have to sift through the archives. These are pieces that are still important to the path I have taken as an artist but no longer represent who I am as an artist. Some of them I absolutely hate. Some of them I am just not very proud of. But each of them was a step to 2016 Katie so I think they are still important to share.

I have simplified the categories here. As I mentioned there is an “archives” category that you can click on in the sidebar, but other than that there is just the “my art” category with the subcategory “mail art and swaps”. This is all I will be posting here from this point forward. I am looking into the possibility of making a gallery page and having that as my main page but I am not exactly sure how I want to approach this yet. What I do know is that I feel like taking this pressure to perform (for lack of a better word) off of myself will make me enjoy sharing my art here again. I will post pictures of new pieces that I want to sell or that I have done for swaps/my mail art group and write a small blurb about each piece as they come (or as I feel I am able) and I hope you all stick around to enjoy it.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make this an awesome one!